Born in Warsaw, Poland to Vietnamese parents, Fryderyk started his musical journey at the age of 6 with education in classical piano. Since young age, Fryderyk has been giving concerts in different venues across Poland and participating in numbers of pianistic workshops, working with many acclaimed musicians. He took part in piano competitions both domestic and international, receiving high honors. In 2010 he won first prize in Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition in Singapore, competing with many pianists of his generation. In 2011 he began his studies in Academy of Music in Poznan (Poland), majoring in classical piano performance. His academic achievements brought him Dean’s scholarship for best students every year. During that time, he started seeking different opportunities and goals outside of the pianistic career.

In 2012 he was accepted with the highest note to attend Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, majoring in Sound Engineering. It was during those years, that his interests and influences started shifting from classical to more contemporary field of not only jazz, fusion but also RnB, Soul and Electronic genres. He began taking piano lessons with pianist Włodek Pawlik, the only Polish recipient of a Grammy award in jazz category. Being exposed to the technological side of music making, he started leaning towards world of sound design and electroacoustic compositions. Still performing as a pianist, Fryderyk got involved in the film industry and collaborated with many film schools across Poland.

He was accepted to prestigious Berklee College of Music with a significant scholarship that allowed him to come to USA in 2017. Currently as a work-study, he majors in Piano Performance and Electronic Production and Design. In October 2017 his submission for Audio Engineering Society Student Competition (held in New York during 143rd AES convention) won Golden prize in Sound for Visual Media category. The following year he received Silver prize for his another piece, submitted for 145th AES convention’s student competition. Fryderyk is also highly interested in education, constantly deepening his knowledge about learning and teaching methods in music. While in Poland he has been working as a classical piano teacher. After having been exposed to contemporary music theory at Berklee, he quickly became a Core Music Tutor, helping out other fellow students. He graduated with Master’s degree in Sound Engineering from Frederic Chopin University of Music (Warsaw) with his thesis focusing on music students who have perfect pitch. In 2016 he received a grant from Acoustical Society of America to conduct research in Poland and Vietnam.

Currently, residing in Boston, Fryderyk works on his original repertoire and is involved in the music scene, playing with local musicians and students attending Berklee College of Music. He hones his craft as a jazz musician under many great names such as Neal Smith, Nando Michelin, Kevin Harris, Vadim Neselovskyi and Allain Mallet. He was part of the ensembles led by Darren Barrett, Dave Fiuczynski, George Garzone, Tiger Okoshi and Tia Fuller. In the Fall semester 2018, he joined one of the most prestigious collectives in the school – Berklee Indian Ensemble, directed by Annette Philip.